Ramset FRAMEMASTER TS750P Powder Actuated Fastener GAS Gun

The Ramset FrameMaster has been designed to incorporate the ultimate in reliability and simplicity, yet be one of the most powerful.27 Calibre (6.8 x 11mm Blank) PA tool ranges available.


  • Operator comfort
    • This tool has been ergonomically designed for maximum comfort and efficiency, this includes incorporating a cushion into the handle to minimise recoil.
  • Uniqueness
    • The RamsetTM FrameMasterTM tools contain several unique patented features resulting from our research and are designed to improve safety, reliability, ease of use and operator comfort.
  • Reliability
    • A tough piston and outer body ensures reliability and a long in field life.
  • Light weight
    • The tools are engineered from high tech materials to minimise weight and reduce operator fatigue.
  • Thermally insulated
    • The tools utilise heat resistant materials to ensure cooler operation when in continuous use.
  • Simple to use
    • These tools are simple to use, reliable and ideal for those highly repetitive tasks where a quality tool is required.
  • Power level adjustment
    • Control of driving power by power adjustment giving multi power strength settings.
  • Collated power loads
    • Power loads for Frammaster tools are collated into convenient 10 shot strips.
  • Twist Lok and accessory fitting.
    • The FrameMasterTM feature allows quick, easy tool maintenance


  • The TS750P is simple to use, reliable and ideal for those highly repetitive tasks where a quality tool is required. Controlled driving power by power adjustment gives multi power strength settings.
  • Ramset Fastening Tools are designed for the following applications:
    • Setting drive pins through material (wood, light gauge metal, hardboard insulation etc.) into masonry materials or steel.
    • Setting threaded studs into masonry materials or steel for the attachment of pre-drilled material (wood, metal, plastics, insulation etc.) with nut and washer.

Ramset boltpistol TS750P

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